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Syosset Prepares For The Worst

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy wrenched feelings of safety and control out of the lives of New Yorkers, but a new program instituted recently by Gov. Andrew Cuomo aims to take that dreaded sense of helplessness and replace it with empowerment.


Pam Martin, head of adult programming at the Syosset Library, speaks to the crowd.

First Lt. Robert McCoy of the Air National Guard was one of the hosts of the Citizen Preparedness Corps at the Syosset Public Library, and noted that this new program is designed to give citizens the know-how to get by should another catastrophe befall the region.

“This is an initiative from Governor Cuomo that started in March of 2014, and this was part of an effort that was formed after Sandy just to get information out,” he said. “He heard the message that people want training on how to be prepared for natural disasters. So, the Governor teamed up with the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and the National Guard, and they put this training together.” [Read more...]

Syosset Group Gives Back

A group of charitable Syosset students are receiving a helping hand from the local rotary club.


Project Milo members deliver computers to a local nursing home.

Project Milo, a student-run organization providing computers to underprivileged communities, is making strides in its misson to fix and donate electronics with help from its sponser, the Syosset-Woodbury Rotary Club. [Read more...]

Commuters Rage Against Parking

Commuting to work via train is exasperating and expensive—add on the stress of parking and the threat of tickets, it becomes madness.


Some parking in Syosset is off limits to commuters.

At the Syosset Train Station, there are 1,248 total parking spaces—with 1,160 for permit parking, 29 handicap spots, 56 two-hour meter spots and three spots for Long Island Rail Road employees, according to the Town of Oyster Bay public information office. Though that sounds like plenty, the sheer volume of passengers commuting from the station makes every morning a mad dash for parking. Josh Reimer, 27, said he arrives at the station a full hour ahead of schedule just to nab a spot in one of the quickly overflowing lots.

“I got tired of speeding around in a frenzy looking for parking, so I get here around 7 in the morning, when really I don’t have to catch the train until 8:15 a.m. or so,” said Reimer, who is a graphic designer in the city. “It wasn’t always this crowded here.” [Read more...]

Help Decode Syosset’s Past


Do you know anyone in this photo of the Kiwanis library staff?

Much like the famed cinematic archeologist Indiana Jones, uncovering the past—in this case, the past of Syosset—is a passion for two local individuals, and they’re asking for your help in uncovering some of it’s more elusive secrets. [Read more...]

Jericho Given National Ranking

Jericho stays at the top of the class.


The Jericho School District ranked second in the country in a national review.

The Jericho School District was ranked second in the country by Niche Rankings, a rankings system that goes beyond state assessment scores and factors in student culture and diversity, educational outcomes, health and safety, and student reviews into their rankings.

According to Niche, “a high ranking indicates that the district contains great schools with exceptional teachers, sufficient resources, and a diverse set of high-achieving students who rate their experiences very highly.” [Read more...]

Jericho Temple Honors Kristallnacht

Seventy-six years ago, on Nov. 9 thorugh 10, Nazi-controlled Germany launched an all-out attack against its Jewish population, sparked by the murder of a German diplomat in Paris by a Jewish teenager enraged over the treatment of his parents in Poland. Throughout Germany and Austria, the night was marked by the burning of synagogues, destruction of Jewish owned or occupied buildings, stores and offices, the beating and persecution of Jews and the murder of scores of Jewish men and women. The incident generated worldwide revulsion and condemnation and history recorded the barbaric incident as “Kristallnacht”—”The Night of Broken Glass.” 51A0FXSATXL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_[1]

In solemn memory of the incident, which many historians mark as, effectively, the “start” of the Holocaust, Temple Or Elohim is conducting a service on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. and featuring a guest speaker, Aharon Golub, who lived in Nazi Germany during Kristallnacht and fled the country before the Nazis could imprison him. [Read more...]

Syosset’s South Grove Monster Mash

The superheroes and ninjas, princesses and fairies came out in full force on Saturday, Oct. 25 for South Grove Elementary’s annual Monster Mash. The school gymnasium was transformed into a ghostly carnival, and the kids played games to earn tickets that they later redeemed at a fully stocked prize booth. Parent, alumni, and teacher volunteers worked around the clock for weeks to make this amazing event seem effortless—there were spooky snacks for the children to enjoy, along with ices, drinks and popcorn. [Read more...]

The Jericho Hero’s Journey

Escaping the hard realities of life seems to be all the rage these days, with superhero and fantasy movies pulling in major bucks at the box office. Now, one Jericho resident is delving into that world with his new, self-published book.

Sean Brogan, 25, a Jericho High School graduate and fledgling author, recently completed work on his first book, The Shadow’s Relic; a genre-bending novel that combines zombies, superheroes and Colonial America into one spellbinding saga.JerichoHero_110714B

“The book has elements of adventure, drama, lots of humor and heart,” said Brogan. “Ultimately, even though it’s fiction, it has a strong message of never giving up. It’s got a message that applies to real life and I hope it inspires people.” [Read more...]

Jericho Holds Speed Camera Forum

A new wave of paranoia is sweeping through Nassau County these days, and if you ask a local resident to sum up its potential cause, you’re most likely going to hear a certain two words in response: “speed cameras.”


Jericho’s Sharon Klein speaks against the cameras.
(Photos by Chris Boyle)

Implemented by Nassau County in select school districts this past summer and touted as a means of keeping children safe, new roadside speed zone cameras automatically issue a traffic ticket to any vehicle exceeding 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit during school hours. However, they courted controversy early on when the cameras began issuing $80 summonses to numerous motorists in August—a month when school is typically not in session—resulting in the county having to refund more than $2 million in ticket revenue. [Read more...]

Syosset Native Sparks Horror Show

While it’s façade as a historical interpretation and learning facility is well-known to Long Islanders, have you ever wondered what evil lurks hidden in the pathways and 19th-century buildings of Nassau County’s Old Bethpage Village Restoration once darkness takes hold each evening? For the first time, residents are getting a chance to experience those terrors first-hand this Halloween season.

VillageRestorationHaunt_103114B copy

Infamous late-1800s axe-murderess Lizzie Borden entertaining her guests.
(Photos by Chris Boyle)

Ryan Kellas of Syosset normally works at the Restoration as a potter, molding bowls, plates, jugs, and other such items in the manner in which they were originally created long ago. However, he also is the young man behind the inaugural Village Haunted Tails and Trails event, an atmospheric oil lamp-lit historical tour of the Restoration running throughout evenings in October, where history’s dark past comes to life while leading up to the creepiest time of the year- Halloween itself.

“When I was a freshman in college, I saw a similar event at another historical village, and I loved it so much that I wanted to do something like it here,” he said. “I pitched it, and luckily the Parks Commissioners really liked the idea so they took it, ran with it, and changed it around a bit to better suit the location.” [Read more...]