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Syosset Native Sparks Horror Show

While it’s façade as a historical interpretation and learning facility is well-known to Long Islanders, have you ever wondered what evil lurks hidden in the pathways and 19th-century buildings of Nassau County’s Old Bethpage Village Restoration once darkness takes hold each evening? For the first time, residents are getting a chance to experience those terrors first-hand this Halloween season.

VillageRestorationHaunt_103114B copy

Infamous late-1800s axe-murderess Lizzie Borden entertaining her guests.
(Photos by Chris Boyle)

Ryan Kellas of Syosset normally works at the Restoration as a potter, molding bowls, plates, jugs, and other such items in the manner in which they were originally created long ago. However, he also is the young man behind the inaugural Village Haunted Tails and Trails event, an atmospheric oil lamp-lit historical tour of the Restoration running throughout evenings in October, where history’s dark past comes to life while leading up to the creepiest time of the year- Halloween itself.

“When I was a freshman in college, I saw a similar event at another historical village, and I loved it so much that I wanted to do something like it here,” he said. “I pitched it, and luckily the Parks Commissioners really liked the idea so they took it, ran with it, and changed it around a bit to better suit the location.” [Read more...]

Syosset Soars In Homecoming


Photos by Syosset Schools

On a beautiful October day, the Syosset Central School District held its annual homecoming game and carnival capped with a resounding victory over Valley Stream Central High School.

Hundreds turned out for the community-wide event, which featured halftime show performances from the Syosset High School cheerleaders, kick line and marching band. “Brave Cat” also made an appearance to entertain the crowd and help the cheerleaders get the people loud. [Read more...]

Humanity During The Holocaust

An author with a personal connection to a true story of courage and resolve is coming to the Manetto Hill Jewish Center in Plainview this November.

Marty Brounstein, author of Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust, continues his storytelling journey with a stop at the Jewish Center, 244 Manetto Hill Rd., on Nov. 7. The book chronicles the inspiring tale of a Christian couple, Frans and Mien Wijnakker, who saved the lives of more than two dozen Jews in the Netherlands during World War II and the Holocaust.Courage_103114B

It was during a trip to the Netherlands that Brounstein learned of his connection to the events of the Holocaust. Then, at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem, Brounstein toured a special section dedicated to those who carried out acts of courage to save the lives of Jews. Remembered there are the Wijnakkers from Dieden in the Netherlands; and laid out there plain to see is Brounstein’s connection to the past. [Read more...]

Students Earn Siemens Honor

The Syosset and Jericho school districts recently announced a special honor for five students.


Elaine He

Three students from Jericho and two from Syosset were named in the prestigious 2014 Siemens Competition in math, science and technology.

Elaine He and Jiwei (Vivian) Zhong, both seniors, received special recognition by having their names published on the Siemens Competition website.

“I’m extremely proud of both of these accomplished students,” said Dr. Giovanni Durante, the principal of Syosset High School. “Their hard work has paid off, their futures are extraordinarily bright and they are wonderful ambassadors of Syosset High School.” [Read more...]

Exploring Dark History In Jericho

Light can not truly exist without the darkness, and mankind’s fascination with that twisted duality often hits its peak during the very season that serves to celebrate it—Halloween.


Thierfelder profiled Jack the Ripper at a Jericho lecture.

And one of the most enduring symbols of evil and fear—one that has survived and thrived in the public consciousness for well over a century—is a name even today spoken in hushed tones. However, a Long Island scholar recently decided to pull back the veil of darkness enshrouding the infamous serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, shedding light on both his myth and his reality at the Jericho Public Library.

For a number of years, Dr. Bill Thierfelder has been holding regular, hugely attended lectures at local area libraries. His most well-known series is entitled Game Changers, which focuses on people or historical events that have greatly impacted the way we live today.

A Bayport resident, Thierfelder was a professor of liberal arts at Dowling College in Oakdale before retiring in 2010. He currently serves as a part-time docent tour guide at the Museum of Natural History, in addition to pursuing writing, photography and artwork in his spare time. He’s been doing speaking engagements at the Jericho library for 20 years, and 10 years ago he introduced an exciting new lecture series whose popularity has seen it continue on to the present day. [Read more...]

Jericho Group Blasts Speed Cams

A group of Jericho residents fed up with speed camera violations will stage an airing of grievances with local elected officials at the end of the month.

cam rock sign

Residents say the signage is confusing near Cantiague Elementary School.

The town hall meeting, to be held at Cantiague Elementary School. 678 Cantiague Rock Rd. in Jericho, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 30, is set to attract Legislator Judy Jacobs, Assemblyman Charles Lavine and Hon. John Marks, who all committed to attending. County Executive Ed Mangano was invited, but is not expected to attend. [Read more...]

Syosset Writer Pens Mystery Tale

Jennifer Wolf Kam wants you to know how Devin Rhodes died and who is responsible, but don’t expect an uninterrupted, straightfoward explanation from the Syosset-Jericho native.

In her first published novel, the young-adult mystery tale Devin Rhodes Is Dead (published on Oct. 14), Kam plunges into nonlinear storytelling, building suspense and then pulling back; raising the dramatic pitch and then dropping it to an unsettling silence. The alternating “before” and “after” chapters rachet up the suspense, building to the dramatic conclusion.devincover-306x488b

The trail to Kam’s own dramatic conclusion as published author started in the Jericho School District where, as a young student, she remembers writing stories on construction paper to read in class during circle time. At Jericho High School, she was editor of the school’s literary magazine Pegasus, in which she showcased her creativity and nurtured her inner writer. [Read more...]

Group Halts Tree Removal

A group of like-minded local residents banded together and saved more than 200 area trees from the chopping block — for now.

A state judge ordered Nassau County and the Department of Public Works to stop cutting down trees along South Oyster Bay Road, granting a temporary restraining order to a group of residents spearheading an effort to save the trees. [Read more...]

Jericho School Celebrates

Robert Seaman Elementary School in Jericho recently celebrated picture day and spirit week. Click here for photos.

The Other Jewish Tradition

The Jewish religion, like most other religions, is rich with tradition and ceremony. Around this time of year, Jews celebrate Rosh Ha-Shanah, the Jewish New Year. Rosh Ha-Shanah is marked by a number of traditions including the blowing of a ram’s horn called the shofar. This ritual is perhaps one of the most recognized and iconic of Jewish traditions. Between Rosh Ha-Shanah and before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people, there is a little known tradition called Tashlikh (“tash-lik”) that is also practiced by Jews around the world. [Read more...]